Quality Red Angus Cattle :: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Countess Family


The Countess family started with the purchase of an aged cow Red Little De Countess 249Y from the Crossmount Farms dispersal in the fall of 1997.  After the sale talking with herdsman John Bruce, shop John said “she doesn’t really like going up a chute”.  It wasn’t a real big suprise because her belly was so big she was lucky that she didn’t get stuck.  These cows are absolute tanks with as much middle as you could ask for and are very easy fleshing.  We often experimented with the old cow breeding her to black bulls which has left several black/red carrier Countess cows in the herd.  Her daughter by OGL Battle Cry is a favorite among visitors and is grossly fat year round.  Birth weights tend to be moderate from this family and sons have went to work for Scott Stock Farm and Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. in their heifer pens.