Quality Red Angus Cattle :: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Cattlemen’s Bull Sale Results

The Cattlemen’s Bull Sale

Saturday, price March 14th, discount 2015

Saskatoon, SK

7 Red Two Year Olds Averaged $6,085.71

29 Red Yearlings Averaged $7,010.35

20 Black Two Year Olds Averaged $9,080.00

4 Black Yearlings Averaged $6,687.50

60 Bulls Grossed $454,500 to Average $7,570.83

High Selling Red Angus Yearling Bull

Lot 4 – Red Wheel N Deal 21B sired by Red Wheel N Deal 143Y sold for $14,000 to Salty Lake Farms – Watrous, SK

High Selling Two-Year Old Red Angus Bull

Lot 40 – Red Wheel Game Plan 75A sired by Red VGW Game Plan 816 sold for $9,000 to Lost River Farming Co. – Allan, SK

High Selling Black Angus Yearling Bull

Lot 35 – Black Wheel Magic Mike 41B sired by Red Bar-E-L Magic Mike 189Z sold for $8,000 to Tyler Smith – Duck Lake, SK

High Selling Black Angus Two-Year-Old Bull

Lot 47 – Double AA Bardolene 150A sired by Double AA Bardolene 50’08 sold for $30,000 to Fairview Ranch – Melville, MT

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