Wheeler's Stock Farm


Red Bar-E-L AB Meg 169Z | Red Towaw Indeed 104H x Red Bar-E-L Meg 85N | Pedigree Link | Owned with Six Mile Ranch
Red Wheel Annie Oakley 8B | Red Wheel N Deal 143Y x Red Wheel Ann 106X | Pedigree Link | Owned with Twin Willows Farm
Red Wheel Ginger Barbie 1E | LFE BA Lewis 3008B x Black Wheel Barbie 84C | Pedigree Link
Red Wheel Auburn 19E | LFE BA Lewis 3008B x Red Wheel Auburn 77B | Pedigree Link
Black Wheel Heather 89E | LFE BA Lewis 3008B x Red Wheel Heather 25C | Pedigree Link
Black Wheel Jestress 1Y | Red SVR Knight 73P x Black Wheel Jestress 158W | Pedigree Link